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It's all about time....

I definitely didn't see this coming...

For the last 5-6 days, I have been dealing with a chest cold, flu, virus, covid, the plague... who knows these days, right?

And today was the day that I sat with the Lord for a few brief minutes, and I felt Him speak to my spirit and asked the question, "Paul, what is most important to you?" And I paused and thought about that, and my answer was, "My family, my health and my purpose."

And after a few moments, He asked that question again... and I had to really ponder in to what He was asking. And it hit me... "Time." Well, that's a no brainer, right? But as I thought about it, time with God is the most important asset that any one of us can have.

When I look at Christ, He spent a ton of time with the Father, and He only did what the Father instructed and did. So, this made me think.... "All my busyness trying to figure out what and how to curate my community, (and you are in my community by the way) is foolishness, but if I relieve myself of the pressure of carrying all the weight on my own and allowing Him to lead, I win!"

He began to show me after that and spoke this as well....

"Speak to the people what I speak to you, follow the guidelines and outlines of social media, but don't depend or lean on that understanding, but on ME!"

This is what time with God does:

  • It Frees

  • It Clears

  • It Relaxes

  • It Confirms

  • It Reminds

And there is so much more to it all... but take the time to listen to what He is speaking to you this season and allow your mind to receive all that He has for you!

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