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The greatest motivation that impacts my everyday life is the simple fact of knowing and embracing my true identity.


Identity in my present moments.  Identity with my relationships. Identity in choosing freedom.  Identity in my family.  Identity in knowing what I was created for and why.


The impact of discovering my identity, is purposed to help lead and guide others to discover their own and walk in the purpose that they were created for.


The discovery of understanding that the gifts in my life that take the least amount of effort are hand crafted by my Creator, and what I do with them is my gift back to Him.


The ability to give back to others by helping discover their gifts, brings me the greatest joy that I never thought possible to be and impact to them and able to provide for my family.


This is why I created my business and cant wait to help others elevate to the potential and purpose they were called to be.

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I specialize in helping individuals break free from their past & identify their true identity, which uncovers their gifts and talents that are on purpose for their life of freedom.


I am a man of faith that stands on the principles of God to successfully run my business.


I commit to always showing up for my clients to the best of my ability, and serve you in the sprit of excellence.

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Hi guys!  I'm Coach Paul Ybarra

Welcome to my page.  I am grateful for you stopping by whether its your first time or you are my returning guest.  Since you are here, I am pretty sure you would like to know a little more about me. 


I was raised in San Jose, Ca. & I am the middle child of 5 children, and had a life that was pretty well put together until that one day…. And I will fill you in as I continue on. 


I am married to the love of my life, Hollie, and we have one incredibly amazing son.  He is on his own, but we keep our family as tight knit as we possibly can, and he is now creating a family of his own. 


I was on a mission, but I truly didn’t know who I was.



Prior to my getting married, I had a pretty rough life.  From 1988-2001 was a 13 year journey of living life to what I thought was the fullest.  Party scene, hustle game, odd jobs to keep me going and Friday nights were the highlights of my week.   I was a slave to the enemy of our souls and never realized that what I was functioning in, was identity theft.  I was existing in this world, but I definitely was not living to the fullest…. As I thought I was. 


Relationships came and went, friendships did the same and there was no real substance to my life that drove me to wake up to another day.  Did I have friends that I could count on, yes.  However, I had nothing to add to anyone because I truly didn’t know my place in life or my purpose. 


Soon the weed and alcohol wasn’t quite enough, because of the void inside was deeper that what anything could substantiate.  I began to dabble in the life of uppers, yep, I became a meth head and things totally got out of control for my life.  I began to realize in 2000 that I wanted something better and that I knew I had to change for the better, I just didn’t know how.  Right about a year later, my life really began to take a dive deeper and deeper with no way out.  No matter what I did to get clean, I would return to my vomit with no change.  I had to leave California, and I did. 


I found an ad in the local paper and joined a door to door sales crew, and that was my quick way out.  I traveled the states and sold cleaner everyday in a new city, or state.  My life began to get a little more clarity the more I stayed clean and sober.  I began to see that I wasn’t what I thought I needed to be or what others told me I was going to be.  I finally started to find myself on this sales crew journey. 


About 6 months in, I realized that I was still alone, bitter and feeling out of place.  This is when I realized that the drugs and alcohol were definitely not my disconnect, or what I was needing to be freed from.  The truth was I needed to be free from me!


And this is where "Identity of One Coaching" truly began….. Without me even knowing it.  In this journey I was on, I found an identity in me that was missing all this time.  First and foremost, I needed a savior, and second to understand that I was now part of a kingdom community.  Along the way, I began a journey within the journey that allowed me to pick up tools and nuggets in everyday life experiences that helped me to understand that I couldn’t do this life alone.  Slowly but surely, I was a part of a great community of accountability partners that helped walk out this life with me. 


So, fast forward from 2001 to now, I began my ministry called "Set Free" and did a ton of 12 step work with people, thinking that recovery was my jam.  But it wasn’t, it was only the beginning to be free from myself and understand that everyone is recovering from something.  I began to realize once again, I only knew a small portion of who I was and I was still struggling with me.  Until the one day I lost my minstry and my remodeling business in the same year and it was all due to anger and control.  In this moment, I knew I needed something different than just checking off boxes in my everyday life.  So, I went deep and got certified as a peer recovery coach and took these same principles and applied them to my ministry for the unaddicted person that was lost in the sea of doubt and insecurity.


Since then, I have been blessed to see many souls be saved from themselves by walking out this life with them on a weekly basis and seeing much fruit. 


I have taken risks, lost people, gained friends, failed, relaunched, try over and I have learned that I am not perfect, but My experiences have helped and guided many to a life of identity and freedom.


So, ask yourself…..


Do I truly know who I am?


If I lost everything in my life this moment, who would I be? 


At the end of the day, after all the doing is done….. Can I honestly say I am happy where I am?


Are my dreams just thoughts?


Do I truly know my purpose?


Your identity may be locked away, I can help you find that.


The things you gain in life are not your purpose, they are only a collection of who you are….


My specialty is to help shine light in those areas of your life that you cannot find your way.


And most importantly, your purpose consists of the very things that doubt has covered up… your thoughts and dreams…. Let me help you bring those to life.


Let's connect on a personal level to get you to your place of freedom.

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