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Experience Freedom. Cultivate Purpose. Discover Your Identity.



Hey my friend…. Are you ready to identify your purpose that is sitting dormant in your life, so that you can experience the freedom you desire?

Many times a person stays in a place of complacency, due to the fact that their purpose in life is unclear because of past hurts, hang-ups and underlying issues that held them back.


To experience this freedom for your life, those underlying issues such as bitterness, unforgiveness and abandonment (just to mention a few), will need to be addressed, assessed, and worked through to position you in that place of freedom.

I am excited to see that you are ready to take that leap of faith to conquer those issues and set your life free!

This process will take accountability, mentorship and coaching. This is where I step in to help you to achieve all of the above. You will receive sound wisdom and guidance to get you on the right track for your freedom.


This is all about unveiling your purpose to unleash your potential.

Your purpose is on the inside, it's time to draw it out!


The Breakthrouh Formula


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Listen and join in on our  "WAKE UP IN THE WORD" podcasts with Gens Johnson every weekday morning at at 6:30am CDT!!  

"Before I met Coach Paul, I was lost, broken and hurt. I grew up with an abusive father and did not deal with the pain and impact of my upbringing. I was involved in ministry, but yet in bondage. This was until God brought Paul into my path. 

Paul took me under his wing, mentored me, and became a father figure in my life that I never had.  God used him in my life to bring healing from my past hurts, insecurities and addictions I had in my life.

There were times that were uncomfortable but because of the authenticity, rawness and Spirit-filled environment of Paul's ministry, it truly helped me to not only get free but to also stay free in the long run. If it wasn't for SetFree and the mentorship of Paul, I would not be where I am today and could not do what God is calling me to do now. I'm forever thankful." - Coaching Client


"Coach Paul has been life-changing for me.  Before finding Paul's SetFree ministry I was broken, rejected, and didn’t know my self-worth. I hated myself and, more than that, I hated men. My daughter and I were sexually abused by my husband (her biological father). Along with the sexual abuse, I endured mental and emotional abuse as well. I was controlled and afraid and I thought that this behavior was ok. 

Coach Paul challenged me to look deeper inside myself instead of just the surface I was showing everyone. I learned to take down my mask, and see who I really was, and when I did, I realized I was pretty messed up.

Today, not only do I have a family again, but we are walking in the restoration that God has for us.  I’m still walking out my journey. But for the first time, I love myself and I have learned to receive God’s love. I no longer walk in shame of where I used to live, I walk in victory and share with others how it truly feels to be SETFREE!!" - Coaching Client


"When I met Coach Paul, he asked me one powerful question. He asked me " Can God have a good conversation about you?" I already loved my Lord so when I thought about this my heart hurt. I knew God wouldn't be able to have that "GOOD" conversation about me.

I didn't like meetings or 12 step programs, didn't believe they worked. When I found this group I found a room full of family members and that they were all searching for that door that would set them free. Coach Paul never makes you feel as though you are in a hole trying to get out but rather you were standing in front of the hole learning how to fill it in. He made me feel like a leader that needed to help others from my experience how to reach out and walk this thing out called life.

The most helpful tool he taught me was that I was worth it. That if I had come this far that God had something in store for me. That I deserved to give myself a chance to just see how that side of life would be. I'm grateful to Set Free and Coach Paul for all his non-judgemental and unconditional love. Thank you."  - Joseph James Kerr




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Identify who you are on my

Need a daily and weekly motivation? Then this is the podcast for you! Coach Paul Ybarra will break down life experiences with you that are both influential and biblical!! 

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