Will you take possession?

Good morning! Yeah, I know it has been a while..... but I wanted to stop by and do a quick check-in. How has your season been treating you? I mean really pause for a brief moment and let that soak in.....

Ok, i'll start, mine has been a bit challenging. So much so, that I felt like I needed to blog about it today and share my thoughts and also go live this morning to talk to you about it, and see if there is any similarities in our seasons.

One of the things that has definitely been challenging me is my mindset, yes, even as your next level mindset coach. You see, the mindset is an everyday, every hour, every moment renewal. The challenge has been an analysis paralysis, and it has kept me stuck in so many ways, and you know what..... I have had enough! How about you? Let me reassure you that we are in this together and I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

So, in my reading this morning, I went to the place in scripture where the spies were sent out to spy out the land, and they came back with 2 separate reports, one was bad and one was good. Sound familiar? I mean, let's be totally honest here..... sometimes those reports that are 2 sided come from our own stinkin' thinkin', right?

In this story there was claim of giants in the land and compare to them, the people were as grasshoppers in their own sight. Following that statement, it was said, "so we are as grasshoppers in the enemies sight as well." What is the nugget for today? As you see yourself, others see you the same way. The way you view the fight that is coming is how you will either take possession or own fear.

This is exactly where I have been this season..... trying to ignore what is in front of me. No longer will this exist! Even though I write down my thoughts and do my Daily Check Up, (You get a free download), these thoughts continue to run wild in my mind, but you know what..... just putting these thoughts together this morning have truly freed me. And I am ready for my next level.... how about you? Would you like to join me in this conversation today? Great! I will be going live 7 am central and would love to see you there!!

Talk soon.....

Coach Paul!

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