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Good morning!

It is 4:52 am on a fantastic Wednesday morning! I've got a strong cup of coffee, creamer and the thoughts on my mind about RESET!

Yesterday, I woke up in my normal 3:30 am routine, jump in the shower, grab my coffee, stretch and get in the Word!

However, in the moment of "shower" lol, the water wasn't quite as hot as usual, and the house wasn't as warm as usual.

Just some context to the house, our furnace and water heater work together for our heating. Don't ask me how, because I will not have an answer.....

Moving forward, I went downstairs and while I am headed that way, those thoughts began to come into my mind, "Man, this is gonna cost this amount to get a plumber out here..... Geeze, why does my morning have to start out this way...."

Yeah, you know the routine and dialogue that goes through your mind in these situations.

As I approach the boiler, I notice lights are flashing & nothing is warm. I look to find the on/off switch.... shut if off and back on about 30 seconds later. (You know the typical re-boot tactic) And...... lights still flashing!

Ugh! This boiler is set up like nasa & I have no clue on what other button to push whatsoever!

Until I saw a huge button on the left, "RESET."

Ok, here we go..... let's see if this will fix it!

Boom Shaka! Sensors start to kick on, water begins to move, system is up and running!

Within, 20-30 min. house is starting to get warm again, water in kitchen is getting hot!

Yes! My biggest concern this whole time was making sure Hollie was able to shower with hot water, since I had hogged it all up lol!

Everything was good!



Here's the moral for today....

"Sometimes in life, your system just may get overloaded, or a spike in your circuit will cause your system to shut down. "

All you have to do is RESET!

See, the reason in today's world things shut down is because there are typically relays in the systems that we use in order to keep the entire machine functioning properly so that there is no real damage to the unit.

This goes the same with your body, mind and spirit!

You have what are called triggers that let you know, its time to pause before you get to the place of RESET!

And you have the ability to RESET before anything really shuts down, but you must start with your routines. Healthy routines.

➡️ Walking

➡️ Reading

➡️ Listening

➡️ Resting

➡️ Exercise

➡️ Writing

➡️ Praying

So, what routines are you functioning in today?

What areas can you shift so that you are flowing properly?

Something to think about as you go on about your day today.

It is something I have to truly continue to work on as I go on with business and life!

We are in this together my friend!

Drop me a comment and let me know your thoughts and maybe you have some tips to help me stay functioning in my RESET!


Coach Paul 👊🏼

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