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It's time to recognize a few things...

"Did you create the universe?”  Crazy question, right? 

So why do you feel that you can control and hover over everything in your life as if you are the creator of all things?

When you decide that all of the things in life are not all in your control is when you have realized that you are powerless without God. You see the word powerless is not a very fashionably favored statement.

However, the true power in life is understanding that the creator of all the universe, which is God, knows you better than you know yourself. You only know what you have seen, heard and replicated, I call those snapshots of life. But the one that handcrafted you definitely knows you so much more.

.... Hey friend, up above is an excerpt from my book "100 Power Tips to Set You Free!"

I wanted to share this portion as I am revising my book (that will publish sometime in June), as I am in a season of realizing once again... I did not create the universe & I do not have power over anything without Christ!

Just to give you a little context of where all of this is coming from, as we are entering into Q2 of 2024, something just feels different... or is it just me? The things that were the normal for me are no longer normal, the things that didn't bother me, now do! Maybe I am just getting older?

However, I know that I need to shift my perspective and mindset towards the things that God has intended for me, and in order for me to do so, I have to remind myself that I am powerless without God!

Ever been there?

Are you there now?

How will you navigate?

Here are a few ways to maneuver through this season:

  1. Recognize that you are powerless when you are operating in your own strength.

  2. Release the junk that keeps you anchored in your stinking thinking.

  3. Revive in the fact that God has the best interests for you... as you submit, you will see.

  4. Renew your mind in order to receive the new for your season.

  5. Replenish daily as you meditate on His Word and Pray.

  6. And here is a bonus... Require that anyone that comes into your headspace has been assigned to you this season by God, to assist you to elevate to your Next-Level.

So, are you ready for your next?

I know I am....

Will you join me in this effort to allow God to bring out your best?

Drop a comment with your thoughts... I would love to dialogue with you!

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