It's the little things....

Good morning!

“Shut your mouth and mind your business…” is not the business when it comes to speaking life into someone you love and care for! The words that you speak outwardly to someone are an indication of the way you speak to yourself inwardly.

James 3 talks about the way we act and the way we speak. It’s a perfect reminder that we as a whole must think, edit and speak…. Or learn to hold your tongue and process the inward thing and ask the question of “Now, later or will it add to this relationship?”

Pretty simple, right? But what about this same conversation that takes place on the inside? The dialogue you are having deeply within? The words that you speak about yourself? This dialogue is the one that is deeply stemmed, and needs to be addressed.

And it will take work.

It will take dedication.

It will take love.

It will take honesty.

It will cause friction.

It will hurt.

It will bring pain.

It will cost you something….

And it will add to your life!

The amount of work you put in to remove the toxins in your body, will only help the healing process that much more (not quicker) and be effective for your life.

Start right now. Start today. Live right now. Live today.

Join me live this morning 7AM MT/ 8AM CT as I continue this topic on YouTube by clicking HERE or on my Facebook page. See you there!

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