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It's only a season.....

Good morning! It has been a few days since my last entry, and let me tell you.... it has been a challenged week or so. But was life guaranteed to be simple and easy all the time? The challenges we face aren't always fun, but the learning in the process is priceless. I woke up this morning with a better attitude, a better outlook, a better mindset and a better focus. I have been reminded the last few weeks from different sermons, podcasts and what has been speaking to my spirit..... The things you are enduring are only for a season!

And when you and I realize that seasons do come to an end, then we can reassure that the craziness of it all does not become our lifestyle. Whew, that is a great reassurance.

I encourage you today to stay focused on what you know you can do, and leave the rest of it up to God. Stay out of His way, let Him lead the path and receive all that He has for you!

I will be sharing more about this on my livestream this morning 7AM Mountain time HERE

Have a blessed day.

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