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Is your week ready for you?

Good morning, I hope all is well with you today... and no, the title isn't a typo. We hear it alot, "are you ready for the week?" and truth is, if we have goals or plans in life we have plans for everyday.

Hours, days and weeks are here for us to utilize our skills, talents and vision. But, we must have preparation in effect in order for us to focus on where we want to go. As we build this focus, everyday now has purpose to our next days. You and I have been granted the gift of time, and every moment must count, but we must tell time what we have for it.

God gave you and I dominion here on earth, and the application of it is paramount if we are to walk out our purpose.

So, go on with your awesome Monday and tell time what you have in store!

Thank you for your time,

Coach Paul

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