Gratitude is Power

When you think about where you are, and what you have…. Have you thought about the process that has gotten you there? Good or bad, you’ve reached the places in your life that connect to everything and everywhere you have been.

This goes for people, places, things and events. Some were good and some were ok, and some were not so good.

What you’ve learned or experienced from each one is wisdom for the next part of your journey. The best teacher you’ll ever have is your last experience.

In all of this, being grateful and thanking our Heavenly Father for the experiences allows Him to continue to work in our lives for the next portion of the journey. Because here’s truth….. if you think you created all of this simply on your own, go create your own universe, stars and moons, dirt and earth. But until then, gratitude is key for where you are going and continue to go in life.


What are you grateful for today? Would love to hear in the comments below.

I will be going live this morning as well with this topic if you would like to follow along 7 AM MOUNTAIN/8 AM CENTRAL.


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