Doubt the Doubt....

Good Morning Kingdom Builders! I am being more intentional about sending out my thoughts and inspiration to you as my peeps. Let's face it... you signed up to my email list for a reason, right? So, it is my duty to give you what you signed up for!

I posted this on my Facebook profile this morning, but that post will not have all my extras that I want to express for you here, so here goes!

Here are today's thoughts:

The enemy wants nothing more than to help you doubt! He lives to send doubt about your mission, your calling, your ministry, your business, your content, your family, your decisions and especially your purpose!

What He fails to remind YOU of, is that only YOU can do what YOU do!

The world needs your voice, your anointing, your content and your assignment.

Here’s a few methods I use on a daily:

  • Think about what you’re thinking about!

  • Why are you thinking about them?

  • Are these thoughts adding value to YOU?

  • What’s the Truth Vs The Lie?

Once you pause and evaluate these things, pray and execute the plan God has already established for you!

Make sense?

Listen my friend, I struggled so much with these crazy thoughts that the enemy continued to send water on the seeds of doubt, and until I learned to cut off his food supply to my mind, is where everything changed!

Find what feeds your enemy and cut that supply off of your life. It could be the conversations that you are having, or the people that you surround yourself with, no matter what or who, you must make that conscience choice to combat all of those things in your life!

One more thing... do you have a scripture that you stand on daily? That will definitely help change your thought process first thing in the morning! Get out there champion and live your best life for God!

Have a blessed day Kingdom Builder!

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