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Are You Tightly Knitted?

I was reading this mornings devotional and wanted to share my thoughts. When I look at John 15:1-8, it was a pause moment for me.... I literally had to stop and think if I am abiding in Christ the way that I know that I should be. And as I took the pause, I remembered a time when I was so closely, tightly knitted in Him, that I could feel Him as close as the clothes on my back. The presence of God was so tangible, I could literally taste it.

And as I am writing this post, I am blessed and reassured that the maturity that we must grow into, is imperative. When we were young, we drank milk and ate tiny bits of oatmeal, but as we grew up, we began to eat bacon, sausage, pancakes and steak!

So, in the spirit.... the goosebumps were for a time of newness, and I am not saying I can't have goosebumps now, however, if that is the only indication that I am hearing from God, then I know I am missing it.

An emotional feeling in the flesh does not confirm my relationship with Christ. What does confirm that is the knowing that I am doing all that I know that I need to do in Him. In His Word, and in His covenant. And when I do fall short, I know that I have the grace, mercy and the power in His anointing to turn on back.

So, what am I saying? I am saying that when you know that you know you are in the right standing, stay on that path and spend that time with Christ and listen for more of who He is! The Word of God never dulls out, and neither will His relationship with us, so check in everyday with our Father and keep popping in to keep that relationship fresh!

If you would like to hear more, join me this morning 7 am Central for my livestream on Facebook

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