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Are You Showing Up For You?

Showing up for you! This may sound a little selfish to the common Christian or Kingdom business owner. However, the way you show up for yourself determines how you will show up for others! And since I am that Kingdom Coach, I want to broadcast this to you….. Jesus Himself took time to spend with the Father. He secluded Himself to listen and obey instruction. He needed that communication with Him. He had to be filled in order to fill. This is all about the cultivation of purpose and the assignment attached to it.

So, many times we see coaches and business owners show up depleted with 10,000 irons in the fire, and no time for self care, family, homes….. honey do lists….etc.

Am I the only one that has experienced this in life?

And maybe you may not even realize that you are expended, or depleted…..

Here are a few ways to detect these things:




Or the expression 100 percent of the time, “I don’t have time to do that right now.”

Tension in your home, marriage, or vice versa….. is your partner that person?

Others walking on eggshells around you

Now, let's get real here for a moment..... are you controlling?

Testimony….There was a time in my life that I was very controlling and it sucked! I mean, no matter what I thought I was in control of, God quickly always showed me that I wasn't. It was such a bad place to be for my life.... and I can truly say that I am not that person any longer. Do I have days that this spirit wants to peek at me and remind me who I was? YES! But it is all about the response that I give that breaks the curse away from me daily.

Anyway, enough of that....

...heres where I would like to see you shift your mindset to the places that God intends for you to be. I want you to ask yourself….. does any of the list resonate? If it does, let's address it by taking action on it today. Down below there are a few questions and a download that I would like to give you to respond to in helping you through this process. Or, maybe you know someone "that needs this more than you...."

So, ask yourself, or I mean "your friend" , "how are you showing up?"

Do you have a process that you can use to keep you rooted in the right direction?

Here is the link to my Daily Check-Up I was telling you about, for "your friend." Send this over to them and let's see if it really works and I would love to hear the progress.

Thanks again my friend!

Coach Paul

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