Adversity and its Purpose

Are you in a season that seems like adversity just will not let up? I mean no matter which way you turn, no matter what circle you are in, there is just something that wants to fight you in one area or another? Or, maybe you have been in that place, and you have overcome.... how did you do it?

I have been there too my friend, and it is rougher than others at times. One thing that I have learned is that adversity can really be my friend if I learn to embrace the fact that its on purpose for life. And in the learning, I have discovered that without it, I would grow complacent. I have learned to question the reasons behind it, and find the answers through the adverse place.

The questions I ask are:

  1. What is God teaching me?

  2. How can I use this to be sharper?

  3. What signs should I be recognizing for next time?

Do I receive the answers quickly? NOPE lol. However, I can only control what I can understand. When I do that, it frees me from the responsibility of the weight of someone else's thought process, because adversity comes from situations and people, and people are people and I am nowhere a perfect person, and maybe I am the adversity for someone else. And these are all things to consider when you feel God is moving things around, and you can't see the light, know that He works in dark places to show you the light.

I hope this has blessed you today.

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