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Adapt VS Change

When you hear the word “change” how do you respond? Do you respond in a way that causes you to have cringe in your spirit or a relief that something new is coming?

The way you respond to the word change is how you respond to the physical act of change.

And when you think about adapting in life, what is that response?

Yes, a ton of questions this morning, right? So, this morning as I was getting my coffee in and having conversation with God in prayer, I started thinking about all the things in life that I had to adapt to because of change. And a lot of them were the scariest moments that I had, but in those moments is where I saw the growth in me, the people around me and discovered that not everyone was truly for me…. And I wasn’t for everyone.

As I began to embrace the fact that life comes with twists and turns and there is nothing, I can do about it except adapt, that’s when the flow of life began to be a little less challenging. Was it and is it easy…? Absolutely not! But the more that I embraced these facts, the more the growth in my life was evident. Have you been there, or are you there now? If so, learn to embrace the ugly thing called change and learn to adapt to your situation so that you can grow.

If you want to hear more, Join me for more depth in this conversation this morning on Facebook.

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