The Pressure
of Promise
(Digital Course)

Are you in a season of feeling like you are isolated, hidden, or in a place that you don't fit?  

Do you understand that you are chosen, anointed and pursued?

This rings true of all anointed and called leaders.  YOU are that leader!


This digital course will empower you to understand 3 things for your Kingdom assignment:


  • Biblical guidance to assist you to navigate through the process to understand you are chosen.

  • Realize and accept the fact that your anointing will bring you to the forefront & launch you into your leadership assignment.

  • Accept the facts that as you are pursuing God, others will pursue you and the calling that is on your life.

If you have been challenged in this area or areas, then this is the course for you my friend!  You will now gain a better understanding that you are not alone in this ministry journey.

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"The Pressure of Promise (Digital Course)"


 It is time that you come out of hiding and pursue your assignment God created you for!

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